The Dragon Friends are summoned by a mysterious vice president to the headquarters of Horizon Tokyo Division. Then it’s a hop, skip and a stab over the pacific on their next assignment. Also, Freezo fires a gun on a plane.


The Dragon Friends meet up with Mr. Sour and Mr. Lambert behind the Chiba stadium. Extremely upset that Johnny Playstation has been taken, Mr. Sour explains they will need to go to Horizon's local office and meet the Chiba vice-president to plead for sympathy (and he also has Mr. Lambert shoot Freezo after he attempted to turn invisible)

Rising to the 30th floor of the Chiba building, they find a single palatial office that covers the entire floor, and standing behind the desk is Philge (attempting to dramatically look out over the city, but having forgotten to open the blinds first) attended by Bobson Dugnutt. Bobson explains Philge started in the mail room but has risen spectacularly in the organization due to her "affinity with the technology". Bobson reacts with surprise when told that Glitter Gleam was involved in Johnny's disappearance, as she works for Horizon. Bobson suggests attending Glitter Gleam's show in New York that night, which can be reached in an hour by shuttle - and that Bobby Pancakes strongly resembles Raul Chamgerlain, a famous designer who would have backstage access to the party.

They plan to fly to New York in Philge's private jet, Katey II, to meet with surgeon Dr. Mike Truck who has been arranged to surgically modify Bobby to pass exactly as Raoul - but find that Katey II's cockpit has been occupied by two gangsters, Weirdknife and Garrotte. During the fight, Philge is stabbed by Weirdknife's poisoned knife. After Baston strangles Garotte with the emergency breathing equipment and Philge stabs Weirdknife in the eye with a laser pointer, they set off on the plane.


Dragon Friends

Non-Player Characters (NPCs)



Themes, tropes and running jokes

  • Philge in Charge Now
  • After Johnny Playstation's concert is aborted, the Dragon Friends immediately travel to Horizon corporation where Philge tells them Glitter Gleam is giving a show in New York that night. How is this possible? This actually isn’t a mistake but a bit of hidden brilliance. In a world in which you can fly from Tokyo to New York in an hour, time zone differences mean you arrive 13 hours before you left.


  • "That's a bit much." — Bobby Pancakes, repeatedly, at all the ostentation of the future
  • "Ah, this city...ain't she somethin'?" — Philge, gazing wistfully at a blank wall that may have had a city behind it
  • "A simple enough mission, which you have managed to spectacularly fail at." -- God/Dave
  • Mr. Sour: "I do not deal with them specifically. I go through person, person goes through me, they talk to a dog, a dog tells a cat, I meet with the cat.."

God/Dave: "It feels like the dog isn't necessary in that communication chain."

Mr. Sour: "The dog is cousin of mine."

  • "I killed your brother." -- Freezo attempting to jog Philge's memory.
  • "I wave my hand at my workslave and I make him go stand in the cupboard." -- Philge
  • "Don't interrupt me! Philge heard of mansplaining now! You think Philge rise to top of corporate ladder by listening to men? Yes, me had really good mentor, but that beside the point." -- Philge
  • Bobby: "Wait. You had a thing with someone who looks exactly like me?"


Table Talk

  • "We went to the Playstation gig to kill him, and then, what happened was.." "What? Wait.." "The hit was out on Playstation because he swapped companies.." "You.... no, go on." "You don't listen to this show, do you? Like, even on stage you don't listen to this show?" "What?" "Um, we were hired to protect Johnny Playstation." "That's what I meant. We were there to kill the gnome lady." "Nope!"
  • In Edan's absence, Ben briefly attempts to do Baston's voice. Everyone immediately demands that he stop and never do it again.
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