Despite their best intentions, the Dragon Friends are foiled in their attempts to explicitly aid the villains of their adventure and are embroiled in a murder most foul. The patriarch of the Hofferman family has died under suspicious circumstances, and it's up to the Dragon Friends to discover which Carlo Ritchie voiced character is responsible.


They all get in a carriage witha restrained Elsebeth Truscott and are about to send her to die at the hands of the herald. Realising they are in danger they decide costumes are the best way out of it and to keep Elsebeth Truscott alive. Baston swaps clothes with Elsebeth. Bobby disguises himself as Baston so Elsebeth swaps clothes with Bobby Pancakes the halfling. Feeling left out Banknote and Philge swap clothes. Baston (dressed as Elsebeth Truscott) has a bag of holding placed over his head to complete the disguise. He begins Screaming into the vacuum of space with three corpses inside with no one on the outside any the wiser. 

Jovian Hofferman rescues them by ramming the carriage off the road. They introduce themselves in their disguises. They create an intricate plan to leave the a corpse of the cult member disguised as Elsabet Truscott. 

They head to old Hofferman estate for drinks and meet the rest of the Hofferman family. Jovian has come quickly from Baldur’s Gate via teleport. Roman Hofferman is touring with the Baldurian Philharmonic orchestra and cannot attend. Margarita (Constance’s older sister) arrives and orders a gin. Diemetra (Contance's neice) arrives and orders a whiskey. 

The coroners report is complete and at the coroners office. Constance Hofferman was at good health until he died. They check with Elsebeth Truscott states they need to go to her office and retrieve the wil before noon

A drunken Philge calls a Dragon huddle and preliminarily includes Banknote for the first time. Wonders if they can trick one of the family into divulging the code word for the lock box. 

  • Bobby and Baston sneak off from going to the toilet to investigate. 
  • Philge decides to try and befriend Diemetra as she feels she’s a weak link. 
  • Banknote decides to remain in the party 

Philge attempts to follow Diemetra as she leaves the room. Jovian attempts to intercept her before being told in an intimidating way to get her more Nutmeg for her cocktail and get off her tail. 

Bobby and Baston Make their excuses for going to the toilet together as they’re brothers they share “poopy time”. 

Philge pops into Diemetra’s room for some girl talk. Diemetra was very close to her deceased uncle Constance.

Lionshield talks to Margarita and boasts of how he can solve the mystery of Constance’s death. Margarita states that although the family may seem jovial and nice they’re all vipers. She was sent away by Constance to Barovia.  

Bobby and Baston tiptoe up the stairs and investigate the rest of the mansion. Turning a mirror. Baston and Bobby sneak up the stairs. To a small workshop with a one way mirror into the library. Baston kicks the small chest open. Find 200 gold prices and a huge dwarvern warhammer. And books of myths, and a handwritten journal. Bobby pockets the books and Baston disguises the warhammer down his trouser and complains of a ruptured anus as the reason for his odd walking

Banknote tinkers with Margarita her broach programming a song recently heard but poorly remembered into her broach. 


Dragon Friends

Guest NPCs




  • Hofferman Estate

Themes, Tropes and Running Jokes

  • Dragon Huddle with the probationary inclusion of Lionshield Banknote for the first time


  • This is a combat free episode.
  • First Intro and Outro by the podcast editor Hugh Guest


"Arcanic Dildonic"

Table Talk

Not strictly table talk but on the [Huddle Facebook group] Dave explained a bit more about the transition between this episode and the previous one.

I think that wasn't as clear in the edit as it felt in the room - my intention at the end of the last episode was that the cultist guard hadn't made a decision about Truscott yet since it was so counter to his instructions - but was willing to bring Banknote and his friends with him. I think we cut it down a bit for the poddo though.

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