Michael Hing and Benny Davis together went on some sort of murderous rampage, and Michael Hing was presumed dead when he was found in the disemboweled carcass of Benny Davis. Some amateur conspiracy theorists believe that he evaded the cops by turning on Benny Davis, massacring him, and hiding in his stomach. He is still proud of the work he did for SBS 60 years earlier.

Hing was revealed as the secret true head of the Voss-Saito group and has kept the reclusive Lord Saito paralyzed with myocardic toxin and imprisoned in his own villa. He is a genius hacker that has wormed his way into the computer systems of Freeside and now virtually controls everything on the station, and is kept plugged in with pus-ridden, scabby interfaces and cables like wispy, shitty dreads. During his showdown with the Dragon Friends (This Boy Fresno 3.18) he claims that he has grown bored with his life and longs for adventure.

Hing makes a brief appearance in Freezo's Funhouse (Part 2) 4.10, where he bafflingly attempts to entertain a crowd by "pulling his bum off" (as in physically stretching his cheeks out like putty, rather than the infinitely more disturbing colloquial option) and is summarily executed via neck-breaking by a flustered DM Hing in an attempt to clear Demi Lardner off the stage to make way for Greg Larsen.


  • He can shoot green sap, which is poisonous, and purple sap, which is decorative, out of the proboscis on his forehead.
  • Johnny Playstation is terrified of Michael Hing and composed an impromptu song about him, calling him Mitchell Hinge.
  • His last words before his death at the hands of the Dragon Friends were "I'm not sorry! Fuck you, sweetheart!".