This was supposed to be a moment. I am like 'Welcome to Chiba!'. And you say 'How do you spell that!?'

Mr. Sour was the Fixer who recruited the Dragon Friends to protect Johnny Playstation in Season 3, freeing them from corporate jail in the process and giving them the necessary citizen's identity chips - plus implanting them with poison sacs timed to kill them in the event they failed to complete their task in time. He reported that he had previously recruited Philge independently, who had completed a job for him and then gotten a job at the Horizon corporation.

Largely due to errors made by the Dragon Friends, he also had to:

  • Refer them back to the Horizon corporation after Johnny was snatched from his concert;
  • Send Sally Gunbear to assist them in a gunfight with police officers outside the Guggenheim;
  • Transport them to London to hack the ZOG Bank server and have their names added to the Freeside guest list;
  • Transport them to Australia to actually enter Freeside.

Since the ultimate conclusion of the mission was the destruction of Freeside (including the Horizon compound there) and the death and virtual apotheosis of Johnny Playstation, it is likely he ultimately regretted his hiring decisions.

In the Tomb of Annihilation Board Game episode, Dave mentioned that Mr Sour was named after SourPower12, a Twitch viewer who came to Australia from Michigan to see the Dragon Friends.

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