They said I should spend more time shooting and less time just coming up with quips. I wasn't for it.
— Mr Terminal
Mr Terminal (referred to as MR T3RM1NAL in later summary text) is the marginally unhinged Head of Security at Voss-Saito corporation and the primary antagonist for the final episodes of Season 3.

After Freezo and Philge deployed the Haywire Cube in the Freeside control room, Mr Terminal began to trace them through the Matrix, revealing that he had been monitoring their entire adventure. After the Friends refused to meet him peacefully he waylayed them on their way to the Voss-Saito airlock where he and his guards killed several members of the Zhivago Twelve and seriously wounded Freezo. Mr Terminal was then hacked apart by Baston with his sword while he was reeling from a shock baton impact to the "nards".

He is described as a thin figure dressed in black with a shock of white hair and armed with two taser-pistols that shock and disorient the target as well as causing potentially lethal damage.

It is briefly implied that Mr Terminal may be related to Strahd von Zarovich, partly because Ben Jenkins gave him a very similar voice. He is later revealed to be an engineered peripheral - not based on any real person - controlled by the intelligence of Michael Hing (NPC). This likely means that he remembered the name "von Zarovich" from his previous participation in Season 2, a meta-twist that would make Uchikoshi proud.

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