The Dragon Friends make their way into Waterdeep with the aid of a mysterious and awful stranger (Andrew Hansen) but once they arrive, Bobby has to make things right with the Beggar King.


Barred from entering the city, Gribbits has run away from the Dragon Friends, they are approached by Clodric, who has heard of Bobby. They are both members of the Waterdeep Guild of Thieves, Tricksters and Beggars.

Clodric leads them to the sewers. Freezo refuses to go in, because that's gross. Once Bobby and Clodric get deeper in, everything is actually quite clean, as the filthy entrance was just for show. They come to a marketplace, where people are hocking their wares, including various wee sellers. Bobby orders some asparagus wee, but gets artichoke wee instead.

Janos Meer, the pauper king of Waterdeep, comes upon them, to whom Bobby owes 100 gp. Bobby pays off his debt. Bobby's fat cousin Lenny comes by, to whom Clodric is attracted, and he chases him off. Janos Meer wants Bobby to help him with the Glittermen problem, who do not allow non-humans above the surface. He says that Bobby still owes him a sizable debt, and asks Bobby to retrieve an amulet for him, as he is trying to take down the House of the Artificers. Bobby agrees to the deal.

Freezo, meanwhile, has been getting back in line over and over to argue with the Glittermen, and eventually gets in. He goes to the Temple of Mystra.

The fat halfling got away from Clodric, so he returns to Bobby. They meet up with Freezo at the Temple, which sells sunglasses. They go to Enya's Workshop, who is a junior member of the Artificer's Guild. God/Dave gives Freezo a sharp pain in his chest.

They knock on the door and the aristocratic butler, Jeeves, peers out, who Clodric immediately casts Charm Person on. He lets them in and they spit up to search the house. Bobby peers through a keyhole upstairs and sees Enya building a Glitterman. He pretends to be Jeeves, alerting her of a fire, causing her to run out and he ties her shoelaces together. Combat begins, and Clodric tries to passionately grab Bobby. Eventually, Freezo kills Enya. They find the amulet. And run from the glitterman, Freezo using the amulet to make it kill Clodric. Bobby talks his way away from Jeeves, and they leave.


Dragon Friends

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Themes, Tropes and running jokes

  • Gratuitous Lists - Janos' nicknames for Bobby in this episode include The Panster, Bobbin' for Apples, Bibbity Boppity Boo, Pansnakes, Snakes, Snake boy, Bingo, Blorps, Bobby the Fucko, Fuckhead, Dick, Ya Piece of Shit Bobby, Bob, Robert, Bobby... Pancakes?!, Billy Crumpet
  • Dragon Huddle
  • Wee Merchants
  • Tie Their Shoelaces
  • Death By Witch BoltEnya, whom Freezo actually tries to merely incapacitate rather than kill; the episode's title was drawn from Dave's rejection of the idea that a spell that melts people's faces off could be used to deal non-lethal damage


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