Picture a casino with Freeside at the top and the Dragon Friends at the bottom. The Dragon Friends need to get to Freeside. Whole lotta people gotta die.


In the holding cell where they are being detained after the events of the last episode, the Dragon Friends receive a call from Mr. Sour. He says that their time is running out; the sacs of myocardic toxin embedded in the back of their necks are on the verge of rupture. When they do, death will come swiftly, in the form of "shit[ting] out your own skull" over the course of half an hour. They ask Mr. Sour for 24,000 credits to get out of their current situation. Philge tries to convince him that he will be lonely without them, but he's unimpressed and says that he'll just send another team if they fail.

When two Haystack security guards named Kyle and Paris come around to check on them, Philge tries to lure them in by "faking" a fight with Freezo, slamming his head against the wall and causing a not insignificant amount of damage. Kyle and Paris deactivate the bars and Freezo casts Crown of Madness, dominating Kyle and forcing him to attack Paris. Kyle's attack kills him and the Dragon Friends escape, with Freezo locking Kyle in with the body of the coworker he just murdered. Freezo and Baston steal their security guard outfits.

After escaping the cell they encounter Julian Fairbanks, the man (previously using the alias Arial Billgates) whose millions of credits Philge stole. He has begun to monologue when Bobby shoots him with his Uzi. Before succumbing to his injuries, Julian reveals himself to be a "peripheral" controlled by an intelligence elsewhere, gives them a device called a Haywire Cube and instructs them to insert it in the control room at Freeside. They take the cube and enter an elevator; Freezo hits all the buttons, but they eventually make it to the Skyway Lounge, the base of the elevator which brings the wealthy to Freeside.

They have some time to kill before the next elevator to Freeside, so they check out the Arcade, which is full of famous arcade games from history. One of these games magically transports them into the Tomb of Annihilation campaign:

The moment that you bump into it and gently touch it, there seems to be a kind of nova effect. As that happens, you suddenly get hit by a strange sense-memory that seems alien but also familiar. You think you hear the sound of beating drums, you smell the sharp sting of salt, but also exotic spices, and before you collapse into unconsciousness, the last thing you hear is the screech of an animal both strange and terrifying.

While this is a complete campaign, the Dragon Friends remain physically in the Skyway Lounge and continue their adventure seemingly moments later. However, the worlds do not fully merge until the events of This Boy Fresno (3.18) when the veil between the worlds is blurred and Freezo's magical abilities from Chult are magically returned to him.


Dragon Friends

Non-Player Characters (NPCs)


Themes, tropes and running jokes


  • "How could you betray a friend? That's such a Freezo thing to do!" — Freezo
  • "Our whole thing is policing with kindness! Our whole thing is, 'Why would you commit a crime when you can commit an Ollie?'" - Paris
  • "These are not aggressive voices! I am really not happy about this!" — Dave expresses his feelings about Ben's Fargo-inspired accent
  • "Can I take his bulletproof jacket?" "I think it's pretty clear it wasn't bulletproof!" — Simon & Dave
  • "Okay so I guess, using magical powers, you force a man to strip against his will. Is that what you wanted? Is that woke enough for you, Hing?" - Dave Harmon
  • "It goes to 60, ya dipshit." - Simon Greiner when Hing asks what level 69 on the elevator is, despite it only going 60 floors

Table Talk

  • This episode includes a "flashback" to two hours earlier, when the Dragon Friends were first placed in jail
  • Ben Jenkins has been watching Fargo so the guards have Minnesota accents
  • The entire Tomb of Annihilation campaign is embedded (Jumanji-style) as a magical arcade game encountered during this episode.
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