Ostin Powerful is a goblin junker from Junkerton. She is filthy and obsessive, even among other goblins, and dresses in a series of strategically placed eye patches.

Ostin's ambitions were grander than most of her junker brethren. Not content merely to hurl large rocks at floating castles and scramble to recover the ensuing rain of treasure, Ostin asked: what if we were rock? She was able to realize this dream by constructing a large cannon and firing herself and the Dragon Friends into the sky to explore these castles ("big boys") for themselves. After exploring the castle, she touched a mysterious crystal in the diadem of a Titan and vanished.

In the series finale Ensorcelled  it was revealed that Ostin Powerful was actually Hyperion Max hiding in wild space before preparing a trap for the immortal half-Elf Freezo.

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