Song by Johnny Playstation, improvised in character after his successful upload to become the AI of Freeside . Although improvised in character, this was the only Johnny Playstation song that was prerecorded for the podcast itself, and so included greater instrumentation and effects that had previously been used in the podcast version (including vocoding to represent Johnny's new situation). Also, rather than Benny Davis, this song was written by DJ Tom Loud.

A music video for "Phoenix", created by Bea Brabante, is available on the Dragon Friends YouTube channel.


 I thought I was dead, but now I'm something more
I'm a kind of god that you've never seen before
Yea, I'm zeroes, I'm ones, I'm tons of fun,
I live in a computer, a speaker is my tongue.

I used to have an Earthly form but now I do not.
My ash is little and my flames are hot.
I'm rising, surprising, everyone around
Now Johnny is the silver lining on the cloud.

I'm dead, and I never, I never felt better!

I'm feeling feelings that I didn't know I had,
Not a ghost in a shell, I'm a big happy crab.
I thought I knew joy, but it turns out I was wrong,
I'm a beautiful phoenix with a fiery swansong.

The web is mine to surf and the waves are sick tubes,
Got a million thoughts a second and they're all big thrills.
I'm nibbling on megabytes and I'm hitting send,
Now all known information is my girlfriend.

I'm dead, and I never, I never felt better!
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