Our heroes find themselves within the glitzy, sticky heart of Brisvegas with a singular task ahead: infiltrate the Haystack Casino, ascend to the fabled Skyway Lounge and make their way from there up the Needle to Freeside. Things do not go as planned.


The Friends, with the help of Bad Bitch, have entered the streets of Brisvegas. Bobby masquerades as Raul Chamgerlain to gain entry to the Haystack casino. The bouncer explains that entry to the casino requires a credstick and costs 2000 credits each, which is returned in non-refundable chips. Freezo sells his Ares Microtechnology shares for 16000 credits to pay the Friends' way in, and find they need to gain access to the Skyway Lounge which contains the entrance to the Needle and Freeside, and costs 3000 credits each to enter. Freezo and Bobby go to play some Space Blackjack, where Freezo tries to encourage Bobby to cheat and is fined half his chips. Dobson Bugnutt and Baston are meanwhile playing Roulette.

Philge asks Megryan to identify the richest person in the room, and she points out Ariel Billgates, a curiously dressed man playing Hyper Poker. Philge tries and fails to impress him and then falls back on grabbing the purple chips he was gambling with and stuffing them in her mouth while attempting to seduce him. She does persuade him to take her to the High Rollers Lounge (which she wrongly believed to be the Skyway Lounge), where she is offered a Martini, drinks it, and accidentally swallows the chips. Philge asks Ariel to punch her in the stomach, which he does - causing her to vomit up the purple chips, the martini and most of 12 mid-strength beers from the Ute Muster over him. While Megryan attempts to gather up and wash off the chips, Philge whispers to Ariel that she has a gun and leaves. Megryan reveals that the purple chips are worth one million credits each. Philge, against advice and to the shock of the audience, puts all six million on red on the Roulette wheel in an attempt to win so much money she can buy the Needle itself. She loses.


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Themes, tropes and running jokes


  • "Although when you think about it they can't do much with underwear you've already worn.. and if you're genuinely not happy with it then neither can you.. anyway, it's still good marketing." - Opening Ad
  • "Once again, your inner monologue attracts the attention of a croupier."
  • "Scanning. Burp." -- Megryan
  • "I've been robbed! I've been robbed a thousand chips!" "Oh no! Let's call the pol-- oh, wait, that's us."
  • "He leans down with a sneer that, if anything, seems genetically encoded." — Dave
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