Seamus Noggin is a halfling bounty hunter turned henchman turned free agent who accompanies the Dragon Friends for the last two episodes of Season 1. Prior to the events of the podcast, Seamus was a bounty hunter who specialized in lost pets, but fell upon hard times when a job went cold. When first encountered in A Valuable Addition To Our Team (1.11) he'd found work in the service of Albrecht Rumsfield. Indignant when Albrecht forgets his name at the start of the episode, Seamus defects to the Dragon Friends, turning both on Albrecht and his lifelong friend and fellow henchman Tim.

At the climax of their battle, after Albrecht shifts into a werewolf, Seamus uses his +3 animal handling skills to lasso and kill him. The last words he speaks before killing Albrecht are, "It's Seamus."

Seamus continues to travel with the Dragon Friends into the finale and helps them to defeat Davin Tyrrill.