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"Yes, I might be Chinese now. But I'm still the same guy! What, you think I'm different now that I'm Chinese?"

Titled Netheril, season 7 explores the topic of time travel and picks up immediately after the events of Heart of Stone, Heart of Glass. The season's first episode was recorded early 2021.

Because of busy schedules, two one shot End of the World adventures from the Melbourne Comedy Festival were aired between episodes 6 and 7.

List of Episodes

The Age of Isolation returned due to new restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, episodes 7.09 until 7.16 were recorded from the Friends' homes (or, in Ben's case, from his car).

  • IV:
    • Dead Man's Dack (7.09)
    • The People's Goo (7.10)
    • Recalibration of the Coolness (7.11)
    • Read the Rune, Guys (7.12)
    • Real Mad in Retrospect (7.13)
    • The Time of Ignatius Bumm (7.14)
    • Cert III in Pilates (7.15)
    • You Can't Just Donk Them (7.16)
  • V:
    • Elasticbandinarium (7.17)
    • Hoiking Hokkien Noodles (7.18)
  • Yulemas special:
    • A Merry Yulemas Very (Part 1)
    • A Merry Yulemas Very (Part 2)