Having infiltrated the cult, the Dragon Friends encounter two old foes and a terrifying secret weapon.


The Dragon Friends go to The Shady Dock, territory of the Shipwrights' Guild. They see four dwarfs playing Accountants & Actuaries.

Bobby buys a drink for a very drunk dwarf. The rest of the Dragon Friends do not understand what is happening, so Bobby sends them off to get drinks so they don't say anything incriminating.

Freezo purchases Dragon Piss for the rest of them and Philge and Dilge get very drunk.

Meanwhile Bobby sings My Mermaid's Got Two Faces and talks his way into learning the password to the Secret Cult meeting, "Peppercorn."

They go back to their favorite alley, Planning Alley. Dilge casts Tenser's Floating Disk to carry Gribbits, which Bobby uses to float on and cover with a robe to pretend that he is of human height. They go to the location of the meeting where they see Two Guards and a Glitterman.

They manage to get into the Secret Cult meeting, and Freezo and Bobby get the Whisperer out. The special guests for the evening are Davin Tyrril and the Grand Inquisitor. They reveal that they brought with them a giant Black Dragon. The Grand Inquisitor reveals the Dragon Friends and they try to escape. Bobby starts getting the Grand Inquisitor to call of the dragon, but Davin Tyrril kills her and tells the dragon to attack. Davin runs and the dragon kills Dilge, who was protecting his sister.


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Themes, tropes, and running jokes


  • "Of course you remember that the prime economy of Waterdeep is moving piss around." - Dave Harmon
  • "My name is Clive and I'm here to say: PEPPERCORN!" -The Dragon Friends' mnemonic
  • "I took elocution lessons! You know My Fair Bugbear? That was about me! 'The rain in the temporal plane falls on some kind of magic train.'" - Ben Jenkins
  • "I promise I will get you all kebabs when this is done... this is my solemn oath to you." - Bobby Pancakes

Table Talk

  • The group briefly tries to convince Dave (who has never worked in an office) that white-collar jobs in real life have town criers that yell out the hour and shift changes
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