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Dragon Friends

Non-Player Characters (NPCs)




Themes, tropes and running jokes

  • God/Dave — Freezo spends some time arguing with an imaginary god, and it's at least partly the imaginary god's fault.
  • Philge spends several turns not taking any actions during a fight because she's pretending to be a tree


  • "Yes, I got all my spells back! My spell was the ability to watch Stranger Things." — Alex, describing the rejuvenating effects of a real-life morning nap
  • "I'm asking you what you need us to do!" "I'm asking you to shut up, while I work." "Do you need a hand?" "I need. A mouth. To be quiet."
  • "We haven't been this murdery in a while." "I mean, it really gets results."
  • "When he wasn't expecting it, Philge laughs, gently grabs him by the ears, and twists his head off. His body drops the floor." "Did I solve the puzzle, guys?" — Dave & Alex
  • "You can get probably however many daggers you want." "He wants a thousand daggers." "He can probably get six daggers." — Dave & Ben
  • "An hour and a half is a long time to have tape stuck to your face that no one knows about." — The first thing Tom Walker says in this episode
  • "I was told I was playing a cat who was blind in one eye and I worked my magic." "Yeah, but everyone else is just using their imagination." "I'm using my imagination and approximately ten dollars worth of industrial-grade tape!" — Tom and Benny discuss Tom's costume
  • "Can I have a look at your dong?" — the first thing Freezo says to Speaks Brusquely
  • "The curtains match the drapes! By which I mean: the eye of my dick is covered in cataracts!" — where Freezo's question, perhaps unsurprisingly, leads very quickly

Table Talk

  • Dave claims that this episode is broadcast live, but tiny, from inside of your monitor.
  • Dave gives a shout out, and a loot crate, to a fan who made a series of Dragon Friends bingo cards, including such elements as "Benny plays a theme song", "Alex gets mad about puzzles", and "betrayal".
  • Tom Walker apparently only found out that he would be playing Speaks Brusquely about an hour and a half before he had to come on. He spent much of that time with one eye covered in tape.
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