The Dragon Friends are off on a brand new adventure in strange and distant Chult. An extra-special new Dragon Friends adventure created in partnership with Wizards of the Coast which is broadcast on the official D&D Twitch channel.


The Dragon Friends wake up in a cage, dressed in rags, which they quickly fashion into crop tops. Along with a fellow prisoner, Juma, they are deposited into an arena called Executioner's Row and attacked by three dinosaurs: two velociraptors and a deinonychus.

A battle ensues where Philge puts skulls onto her hands like macabre boxing gloves, Baston leaps onto a velociraptor and tries to rip one of its eyes out, and Freezo uses Beast Speech to listen to the velociraptors' screams. After Bobby unsuccessfully attempts to disguise himself as a baby velociraptor, and Juma is horribly killed by the deinonychus, Baston rips the head off of one of the dinosaurs.

Freezo uses Beast Speech to encourage the surviving dinosaurs to form a union because their working conditions are so poor. He is able to win them over and even offers to serve as their representative with the management, which neither of the dinosaurs want to do because it sounds like a lot of paperwork.

The Dragon Friends are soon pulled from the arena by a group of thugs who put sacks over their heads. They are taken to meet the thugs' employer, who is Janos Meer, the beggar-king of Waterdeep. He enlists the Dragon Friends' aid in the mission he's been assigned by the Masked Lords of Waterdeep: acquire a valuable dye used in the printing of magic scrolls and documents. Although the dye comes from a creature called a Lathec Turtle, Freezo attempts to convince Janos that it can be obtained from velociraptor eyeballs. Freezo covers his hands in velociraptor eyeball goop.

Joined by anthropologist Sir Grimsby Davenport, head of the Waterdeep Historical Society, the Dragon Friends set off for a jungle area where Janos believes the dye can be found. Janos provides supplies, weapons, and clothes, though Philge insists on keeping her crop top. They begin their journey using canoes, and Freezo unsuccessfully attempts to rob Davenport while he's sleeping. Davenport wakes up and confronts Freezo, but they are set upon by giant centipedes. The ensuing battle results in Freezo being poisoned and they lose his canoe and all the party's camping supplies.

The Dragon Friends come to the territory of the Biting Ant Tribe, a band of goblins. Philge decides to strap two canoes to herself to serve as makeshift armor, but before they can start searching the jungle, several goblins arrive and urge them to put down their weapons.The goblins recognize Philge as the leader of the group and offer to take them to Queen Babastrigge, their leader. Philge calls a Dragon Huddle to discuss the possibility of switching sides and throwing in with the goblins rather than raiding them for their dye stocks; the others concur.

After ascending into a goblin village in the treetops, the Dragon Friends meet Queen Babastrigge. To their great delight, and his great horror, their old friend Gribbits is chained up here and being forced to serve as a translator. The goblins feed the adventurers and cure Freezo's poison.Davenport tries to get the Queen to part with the village's massive and very valuable idol, but Bobby interposes himself and makes a show of respect for the goblins' god. The Queen, impressed, invites them to stay the night. They go to sleep, and Freezo threatens to witch bolt Davenport if he tries to steal the idol again.


Dragon Friends

Non-Player Characters (NPCs)



Themes, tropes and running jokes

  • Dragon Huddle - three separate ones
  • Gratuitous Lists - Janos Meer begins to rattle off another list of nicknames for Bobby, but it's cut short as Ben is admonished for swearing and has difficulty improvising clean nicknames
  • Woke Freezo - Freezo attempts to unionize the dinosaurs in Executioner's Row; his parting speech to them begins with "Brothers and Sisters!" but he quickly derails it himself while trying to figure out if dinosaurs have strictly binary genders or not
  • God/Dave - The Dragon Friends are all rendered unconscious after they start loudly and annoyingly singing the saxophone solo from "Careless Whisper"
  • Philge Straps It To Her Chest - a canoe, along with another canoe on her back


  • "In this building, there are Dungeons & Dragons players everywhere! I could replace all of you!" - Dave Harmon
  • "I haven't hurt you in at least two seasons now!" - Freezo, to Gribbits

Table Talk

  • This episode was broadcast live on Twitch during WOTC's "Stream of Annihilation" event in June 2017. Seemingly at the request of the event organizers, there's considerably less swearing and general filthiness than a typical Dragon Friends episode.
  • The event took place in Seattle, Washington
  • Simon Greiner left his character sheet in Australia
  • Benny Davis having uses small toy he bought in a gift shop to produce sound effects.
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