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With half of the Resistance on side, The Dragon Friends seek out the other half of the puzzle in an austere academy. Characters are assumed and shockingly competent subterfuges are made in an attempt to seek an audience with the mysterious headmistress of the Grundle School for Wayward Ladies.


The Friends are being led by Bobson Dugnutt to the Grundle School for Wayward Ladies to attempt to contact Eleanor Grundle. Before leaving, Lionshield attempts to use his alchemical tinkering ability to upgrade his "fantasy rocket launcher" to perform Repeating Shots so that it does not run out of ammo and explode. The Friends decide to represent Philge as their wayward adopted daughter and to attempt to enrol her at the school.

Lionshield rings the bell outside the school, summoning the school porter Ruddy Sweets, and Bobby attempts to persuade him that Philge should be enrolled in the school. Ruddy asks where the enrolment and scholarship paperwork is, so they instead ask to tour the school and meet with the Headmistress. As they do, Justine Plumber, a very stern and bossy prefect appears and demands that Ruddy allows them inside, and tells them that it will cost 200 Dragons to enrol her in the school for a year. Lionshield throws 200 gold coins to the floor, and Justine - rather impressed by the bag of money from which Lionshield took the coins - immediately offers the Friends a tour and even temporary boarding while their daughter settles in.

Justine declares that Philge will be placed in "Switchmeyer", one of the four Houses of the school, together with Tessero, Lungsup, and Pockenstock. She hands Philge some paperwork and instructs her to report to "Daisy" behind a door on the upper floor (while Philge attempts to score weed off Justine). Lionshield asks to meet the Headmistress immediately, and then attempts to offer Justine a bribe to take him to her. She accepts the bribe, and hands him a card, telling him to "bring it to Ruddy after the eleventh bell, alone or with one other." Bobby asks if they can stay in the school briefly and Justine states that they can stay in the guest lecturers' lodgings; Bobby suggests he could give a guest lecture on the work of the performance artist Blen Blomb.

Philge heads over to the entrance to Switchmeyer House, meeting the severe prefect Daisy. Philge asks what made Daisy a wayward girl, and is impressed when she answers that she "killed a village"; Philge impresses the other girls by bench-pressing Daisy over her head, and is welcomed to the house.

A few hours later, all of the girls are brought together for Bobby Pancakes' performance. Bobby shows his crystalline scar while Baston begins to dance behind him, and Philge boos from the audience which is all that breaks the confused silence. But the audience gradually burst into applause, and Justine invites Bobby and Baston to stay longer at the school to meet with the Headmistress. Meanwhile, Lionshield briefly returns to the Beggar's Court to fetch Lothario to ask him to attend the meeting as well, thinking that he might be better at persuading Eleanor to rejoin the resistance. But Lothario says that he has no wish to meet Eleanor ever again because she's a "turncoat" to the resistance and that the school itself is "fake".

Lionshield returns to the school and presents his invitation to Ruddy; Ruddy tells him to go down to the cellar of the school and use the password "In Delecto". Lionshield instead heads for the school accommodation to attempt to collect Baston to join him in the meeting, where he is waylaid by Justine, who sends him to the upper floor and tells him to "stay away from the third floor, it's none of your concern". Meeting with the other friends, Lionshield suggests that Bobby should search the third floor, and that Baston should come to the cellar with him.


Dragon Friends

Guest NPCs


  • Bobson Dugnutt
  • Ruddy Sweets, porter of the Grundle School
  • Justine Plumber, prefect of the Grundle School



  • The Grundle School for Wayward Ladies

Themes, Tropes and Running Jokes

  • Gratuitous Lists: after Lionshield offers Justine a bribe by asking if "Mr. Dragon" can meet the Headmistress, he is forced to name all 15 of the coins he bribes her with: Mr. Dragon; Jeff, also a dragon; Maiden Dragon; their cousin (unknown); Grandpa Dragon; Mrs. Grandpa Dragon; Carburetor Dragon; Catman Dragon; The Joker; John, Paul, and Ringo; Linda Dragon; Mr. Magoo; and SAURON THE DRAGON.


  • The second episode recorded by remote multicasting due to Australia, as with many countries, adopting a national Shelter In Place policy due to the pandemic of COVID-19. This means that there is no studio audience on the episode.


  • "Do I party? Yes. I party with God." "Well, that's alright Justine, I can see you suck."

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