This is a page including all of the existing templates in the wiki.


This is used for quotes at the top of any article, but not for the list of quotes at the end of episode pages.

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This is a quote. It will expand horizontally and if needed, can wrap to many lines.
— Person Quoted


This is used for articles that need additional info.

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Now, me no big city doctor...

This article needs a bit more detail. If you're familiar with the topic, please consider expanding it.


This is used for articles that have basic info but need a synopsis.

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Hey, Bakers' Boy!

This episode entry is in need of a synopsis. Please consider taking a few minutes to add one.


This is used for articles about topics which are not canon (ex., NPCs and locations from the Melbourne Special.)

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Technically, a bat is a fruit!

This content falls outside Dragon Friends canon.

Character Infobox

This is used in articles about characters. It may not be necessary for minor characters about whom very little is known.

Episode Infobox

This should be used for all episodes and filled out to the best of the editors' ability, linking to other articles where appropriate. URL should link to Cast links are manual HTML fields; copy from an existing article and edit to remove cast who are not present, add any guests, etc.

Player Infobox

This should be used in articles about cast members and guests.

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