An ancient cruse liner, a terrible secret and a hell of a morning after for Bobby Pancakes. The Dragon Friends make their way from the captain’s chambers all the way down to the engine halls where even more trouble awaits.

This episode features special guest Susie Youssef and was DMed by Ben Jenkins.


As the Favored orgy is winding down, Bobby is being offered a cigarette in Lady Casilda's quarters, and Hagdar is registering what he just saw - and Philge and Freezo are trying to use the key they stole from the Favored to open a side door leading to the helm. Freezo distracts the two Favored at the controls by offering to take their stations while they attend the orgy. Examining the control panel, they find it to be a complex machine, and Philge wonders if her hacking skills learned in Shadowrun would apply; Ben rules that they do, but Philge still fails to hack the system and sets off the alarm instead.

Meanwhile, Lady Casilda has made a drink for Bobby, and then leaves into the bathroom - after locking a metallic object from around her neck into a drawer in her chaise-lounge (and after Ben's attempt to mime her sashaying). Bobby hops up and manages to pick the lock on the drawer, finding what appears to be a master key, a letter, and a monocle that grants X-ray vision. The letter turns out to be a warning from a spy that there is a detective on board the ship investigating the disappearance of Jeffrey Westminster. Bobby steals all of these items and then blocks Lady Casilda into the bathroom with the Chaise-Lounge.

Bobby returns to the bridge just as Philge sets off the alarm and also as Martha Kndd bursts onto the lounge demanding to speak to the management. During the concerned discussion, Philge and Freezo return to the bridge and Bobby informs them and Martha that he may have a lead on the location of her son. The Friends and Martha decide to go back to the door that the Bellows Men passed through previously and open it with the master key. Bobby tries to use the monocle to look through the door, but can only see a vague impression of figures moving around inside a boiler room.

Bobby uses a spell to disguise himself as a Bellows Man and then opens the door with the master key, revealing an industrial room, but no boiler, and no heat. Instead, within the room is a giant Planeswalking Shard which is partly faded and has a gaping, toothy maw within it, pointed upwards.. towards where Bonathon Kndd is hanging from a hook. Martha screams, and unexpectedly reveals that her shrill screaming causes everyone present to make a Constitution save or be impaired for a round. This does, however, attract the intention of three Bellows Men in mecha suits who are working in the room.

Bobby, is disguise, pretends to have taken Martha prisoner, and is instructed to take her back to the passenger decks. Bobby insists that she must be brought before the Cardinal as she has witnessed what has happened, and one of the mechs heads off to get the Cardinal as the Gillmen begin to lower Bonathon into the maw of the Shard. Philge, Freezo and Martha attempt to waylay the Bellows Men to prevent Bonathon being lowered into the shard; as they do, a huge figure in red robes arrives on the scene: the Bellows Man Cardinal himself.


Dragon Friends

Guest PCs

Non-Player Characters (NPCs) 

  • Lady Casilda
  • Bonathon Kndd


  • Bellows Men (Helmy Boys, Steamy Boys)


Themes, tropes and running jokes

  • A Facebook user commented that the episode title, "That's Not What Pegging Is With Susie Youssef", unfortunately fails to separate its clauses.


  • "Now, this is the trouble with doing this show month to month, is that you forget what your plan was. But our intention was to.. I want to go to the bit where they go 'Screen on!'. Not the bridge but like the helms room where you control the ship from.. but I don't remember why we wanted to do that. I think we were trying to get the ship to go somewhere, but I think the ship - having listened to the episodes - I think the ship is already heading where we want to go." (It was, in fact, so that Philge could be In Charge Now).
  • "Me enjoyed that orgy section. The best bit is when it was an orgy."

Table Talk

  • "Do I have to roll the dice every time I talk?"
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