The Dragon Friends make their way to Wickshire, a small mining community full of fascinating tradesmen and local colour. Philge throws up all over a pig.


Edvard Oswick brings the Dragon Friends back to Wickshire, telling tall tales about the town and his reputation the whole way. Edvard calls Freezo out for trying to kill him.

They meet Mrs. Shirop, who tells them Edvard is an idiot. They decide to go to Edvard's home, a shitty hovel, that Edvard claims is to hide the hoard of diamonds inside, trying to maintain his ruse of knighthood. After promising to Edvard's mother to take him on an adventure far away, she gives them burlap to rest on. In the morning, Philge throws up on the family's pig. They ask the family if they have heard of a vampire around, and they confirm that it is the lord of the land, Strahd von Zarovich. The town of Wickshire provides him with all of his refined steel and metel (especially cutlery), and his man is due to pick up a shipment that day. The Dragon Friends arrange to man the next shipment. Bobby wakes up a halfling again, naked. They swaddle him in burlap.

Edvard shows the Dragon Friends around town, and Philge takes an ax. They see a tent of Madame Eva's tribe and meet her cousin, Yentle. She confirms that the idea they had for finding Strahd was a good idea and the correct path, and gives Bobby some pants, and everyone some soup. Philge intimidates the Oswicks into letting her take their pig.

They are given a cart to follow up the Old Svalich Road, Bobby riding the pig. Their they encounter a carriage and driver. The driver claims that Strahd knows their true purpose. They are expected and invited into the carriage. Bobby pretends the pig is his girlfriend and asks if she can come with them. There is only enough room in the carriage for Edvard or the pig, and Edvard decides to make his departure. Freezo, wanting temporary hit points, tries to kill Edvard. As he leaves, Freezo has created a nemesis.


Dragon Friends

Non-Player Characters (NPCs)



Themes, tropes and running jokes


  • "But what welcome can a half-orc, a maniac, a handsome man, and a chained werewolf find in times such as these?" - Dave
  • "...also, did you try to kill me back in those caves, Freezo? For a bakers' boy, you certainly are aggressive." - Edvard
  • "Let's just say you put us up for the night, and then we take your son for big adventure!" - Philge
  • It's becoming a bizarre tradition in Dragon Friends that if you sing a song you get an inspiration dice, so here you are." - Dave
  • "Moments like this make me glad my mother ate my father." - Philge
  • "There are many pants ahead..." - The Ghostly Driver, mysteriously

Table Talk

  • As the cast are talking, Dave interjects, "If I can just jump in here..." and the joke that they really don't think it's his place. They continue to heckle him until he leaves the stage, returning only after Alex leads the crowds in a chant of, "Come Back Dave! Come Back Dave!"