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Official promotional art by Simon Greiner

Welcome to the Dragon Friends Wiki

Strap on your jerkin! Grab your favo(u)rite longsword! Roll some 20-sided dice! The time for pizza is over! The time for adventure is now!

Dragon Friends is a monthly Australian comedy show/podcast, and since 2019 a weekly Twitch stream, where three four comedians muddle through Dungeons & Dragons adventure campaigns, and this is its Wiki!

Dragon Friends is currently in its 8th season (as of 2022). There are also numerous specials, a multi-part livestream of Tomb of Annihilation, two separate spin-off Twitch campaigns (one long, one episodic), a Dragon+ Magazine adventure, and a spiel-creating Twitch stream called Chekov's Sword.

You can find out more at Dragon FAQ.

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