Part 1

They wake rested, except for Bobby Pancakes who stayed up to keep an eye on Sir Grimsby Davenport. Because he is the wake, Bobby is the first to realize that Freezo did not come back from studying his spell books. Bobby looks out of their tent and it the entire camp has disappeared, accept for Gribbits, who remains chained to a table with a breakfast spread. Gribbits explained that the Biting Ant Tribe thought that the Dragon Friends were another tribe, and their protocol with other tribes is either to go to war or exchange gifts of equal worth. The tribe traded Gribbits for Freezo, and plan to exult Freezo. Sir Grimsby explains that "exult" either means "revere as a god," or "sacrifice."

Philge goes to poop, and to test if they can trust Gribbits they require him to find her god leaves to wipe with. Philge desides to take Gribbits' clothes instead and use those. Because they do not have canoes anymore, they must travel on foot to The House of the Crocodile, where they believe Freezo has been taken. Grimbsy realizes that the leaves that Gribbits used to cover himself are poisonous, giving him an itchy rash.

Baston notices that they are about to come upon a spider den, so they all apply insect repellent. Baston and Gribbits, who don't know each other, have a moment alone together. The Dragon Friends decide to attack the spiders. In the fight, Philge manages to use a chained Gribbits holding her mawl as an improvised morningstar. Upon killing the spiders, they remove valuable poison sacks from the spiders and the characters get to keep them depending on who made the kills, meaning Bobby gets two and Gribbits gets one.

Part 2

The Dragon Friends begin to plan how to get Freezo back while keeping Gribbits. They see a huge sculpture of a man with a crocodile on his back indicating they have found the House of the Crocodile. They enter the cave and the darkness. Baston fashions torches.

They venture into the cave to a tunnel leading upwards. When they come to a high ledge, Philge lifts Gribbits up to see the room above. She then tells Gribbits that he has to help her get up the ledge in return. He climbs back down. Baston lifts Bobby up and climbs up himself. Gribbits manages to boost Philge up and because he is still tied to her he is pulled up as well. Sir Grimsby doesn't follow them.

They see another corridor with another ledge at the end. The reliefs on the wall of each room show further parts of the story. Gribbits falls into a pit, but is saved by staying tied to Philge. She just puts him on her back so he stops causing her trouble. In the next room, Baston is confronted with large swinging blades. He avoids them and makes it through. Philge wants to let Gribbits through the blades alone, so she unchains him. Trying to get through, Gribbits gets hit and goes unconscious. Bobby sneaks through and pulls Gribbits with him. Bobby sees the mechanism that controls the blades and jams it to allow Philge easy passage through.

Over the next ledge, they see a carved pattern of crocodile faces, making a variety of four different expressions in a four by four grid. They try to solve the puzzle in many different ways, and eventually figure out that they can cross the faces in any order as long as one person is being carried by another. This is really hard for Philge to figure out, as she is not good at puzzles. In this process, Philge carries Gribbit's unconscious body until he manages to stabilize. Across the room, they approach a door over the next ledge.

They finally make it through the door to the next room and find the heart of the temple. On top of a dais, they find a shirtless, chained Freezo surrounded with gifts. There are goblins on each other's shoulders in long robes that have not yet noticed the Dragon Friends.


Dragon Friends

Non-Player Characters (NPCs)




Themes, tropes and running jokes


  • "Maybe we could Pretty Woman Gribbits!" - Philge
  • "Bad dong." - Philge to Gribbits
  • "Big daddy B's got you... I just want you to know, no I don't have anything I want you to know." - Baston checking in with Gribbits.

Table Talk

  • These streams have a short intro and outro that they did live for the twitch streams before streaming the prerecorded streams. Through the streams, members of the cast remained in the live chat and answered questions after.
  • The players all get dice gifts from Good Game Australia.
  • This is the first episode filmed in the pub that the whole season is filmed in.
  • Gizmo the cat that hangs out in the pub makes an appearance. Dave is very allergic to cats. Ben apologizes to the cat for ceasing his petting of it for a moment.
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