The Kndd (pronunced "Kennedy") Family were a group of three humans the Dragon Friends met while travelling to Primus on the Saturnine.

Tolstoy Kndd

The head of the family. Freezo attempted to sneak on board the Saturnine as a First Class passenger by disguising himself as Tolstoy, which fails as he does so while Tolstoy is there and does not have a First Class ticket. Tolstoy, fortunately, dismissed this as a prank and was then seen by the Friends complaining to the ship staff about the disappearance of his son.

Martha Kndd

Tolstoy's wife. Extremely shrill, dangerously shrill - dangerously enough to cause a Constitution saving throw. Due to incredibly poor judgment and an unfortunate series of events, developed an implicit trust of Freezo. Hagdar Strenmf armed her with a pair of iron gauntlets, and her husband armed her with litigation.

Bonathon Kndd

Tolstoy and Martha's "extremely stupid" 10 year old son. Described as too stupid to know how to open a door with a handle; Martha previously kept him on a lead, but he'd eat through it. Was captured by the Gillmen for use as a sacrifice to the Planeswalker Shard powering the Saturnine.

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