Desperate to escape Daggerford, The Dragon Friends find help at the Temple of Mystra. They decide to pose as porters to the paladin Kithercy Gellantara, a righteous instrument of justice that really should know better.


Framed for the Duke of Daggerford's murder, the Dragon Friends are on the run. The Dragon Friends consider whether or not they want to go back to town, considering moving into a cave. The town is awake and in an uproar. They strut through Daggerford, with Philge in desperate need of medical attention at 1 hit point, to the Temple of Mystra.

They are seen by Two Guards. Freezo talks them out of the situation, meaning the guards survive the chance meeting with the Dragon Friends.

At the temple, they are greeted by a junior Acolyte of Mystra, that Freezo speaks to like a stranger, who knows Freezo very well. They go to Freezo's room.

Mistress Lorna knocks on the door, and Freezo tells her not to come in because he is wanking. She comes in and sees the Dragon Friends that tried to hide from her. She is aware that Daggerford Castle is looking for them and they're on the run for killing the Duke. She says that she knows Freezo could never kill anyone. The Dragon Friends are given rooms to sleep in.

In the morning, they go down to breakfast and meet the paladin Kithercy Gellantara. She agrees to let the Dragon Friends pose as her servants to help them get to Waterdeep. She heals Philge a little bit.

They encounter Two Guards (different ones) who let them through after Kithercy talks to them about music. After journeying for a while, they are caught by surprise by an arrow flying out from the trees. They are surrounded by Hobgoblins.


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