A Message from Dave Harmon and Ben Jenkins, explaining this phenomenon. This message was aired immediately before The Yellow Banner (TOA 2.01).


DAVE: Unfortunately, all of the Dragon Friends were killed and Tomb of Annihilation is over!

BEN: Yep, that's how all the campaigns end.

DAVE: Yeah so, hope you enjoyed that.

BEN: Well, no, what's actually happened is that you're about to watch Season 2 of our Tomb of Annihilation show

DAVE: That's right, and if you're starting now you can actually watch all of Season 1 on Youtube or Twitch, it's all there just on the Dungeons & Dragons channels

BEN: We actually recorded this and the next couple in a massive marathon it was-

DAVE: Inadvisably long. We actually though we could do four hours back to back?

BEN: Yeah, we did do four

DAVE: We did, it almost killed us

BEN: It almost killed us. This all very new we played for about nine hours straight. My point is the first episode has been lost to time.

DAVE: Yeah, lost to shoddy recording practices is probably fair. So yeah, we tried, unfortunately, we can't save it. So the next three episodes, which you'll be happy to know we were drunker, more panicked, and more disheveled, and over the next three weeks you're going to see more of them.

BEN: And if anything the quality of them is too high. It's too crisp. So we just wanted to bring you up to speed on what has happened in the lost episode.

DAVE: That's right.

BEN: And you didn't miss anything, there was no gags, no jokes, no memorable charcters


DAVE: So the Dragon Friends, at the end of Season 1 found themselves at the gates of the Lost City of Omu, which is a place of great interest to the Chultans, this is the old, ancient capital, and it has been lost, stricken from every map and unfound until now. The Dragon Friends had got there, but they didn't get there first, Justin the terrible, a warlock from Season 1 has arrived, and using a powerful old spell has risen the old protector of the city, Ras Nsi.

BEN: Half Snake Half Man

Dave: He is half- well done! Risen him from the dead and using the same spell trapped Princess Mwaxanare and her idiot brother Na-

BEN: You'll remember them as bird-monarchs

DAVE: Fair, in gemstone. The Dragon Friends then can watch only powerlessly, as for the first time in over a hundred years, the many tumblers and locks that lock the city open and Ras Nsi and Justin's warlock and Yuan-ti followers go into the city.

BEN: So they go into the city, the Dragon Friends are knocked out for a spell, by a spell as well. And they wake up. Justin is no where to be seen.

DAVE: And instead, they've met a character called Lord Brixton, who you're gonna see in this episode. Now, he is a fellow member of the Waterdavean Historical Society, who, with his Brotherhood of the Yellow Banner stalwarts, has come the city to find nine temples, each of them important to the Omuan recent religion of the Trickster Gods and to find inside them Chultan Puzzle Cubes-

BEN: Shrines, if you will. Puzzling shrines.

DAVE: The first of the shrines has been found, the shrine of Wongo was entered by the Dragon Friends, I think Simon [ Bobby Pancakes ] has now been turned into a pig. Other than that Lord Brixton has found a cube as well. Seven remain and the city lies open. To find out what happens next tune in to this episode, which is to say don't go anywhere.

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