Now, me no big city doctor...

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Dragon Friends

Non-Player Characters (NPCs)




Themes, tropes and running jokes

  • Kung Fu Baston — Baston steals a pirate captain's hat off his head while simultaneously punching him in the face, rather than using any of his weapons
  • Baffling Reference for our International Listeners — During a discussion of the mechanics of the "Tiny Hut" spell, an audience member makes a joke about Sydney housing prices that gets a good laugh from Alex and Hing
  • Woke Freezo — In what is fast becoming a signature move, Freezo attempts to convince a band of pirates to form a union


  • "You have such a hat-based outlook on the world." — Ben Jenkins, on Baston
  • "Pirates are into gambling, right? Ah, fuck it, I'm just gonna witch bolt him." — Michael Hing
  • "Let's cut that one really badly!" — Dave Harmon, referring to the traditional intermission in which everyone appears to suddenly acquire fresh drinks. Dave's instruction was followed to the letter.
  • "Did you narrate yourself just then? Is this like Kurt Vonnegut?" — Dave Harmon, after Ben describes his own reaction to a semen joke in the third person

Table Talk

  • At various strategic moments, Benny Davis makes use of the little electronic noisemaker toy he bought in Stream of Annihilation.
  • The second half features a strange digression into the question of whether ships on the ocean can catch fire, and what should be done about it if they do.
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