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Dragon Friends

Non-Player Characters (NPCs)




Themes, tropes and running jokes


  • "Why don't you DM faster?" — Benny, after Dave points out that the Dragon Friends are only 20% of the way through Tomb of Annihilation after an entire season
  • "There was a spell promised to me by a mechanic..." "All of your stories start this way. In real life." — Hing and Simon
  • "You take me axe! Me nothing without axe! You nothing without air!" — Philge, trying to strangle Freezo to get her cursed axe back
  • "I apologize for my friends. She has recently been cursed, and he's an idiot." — Bobby, on Philge and Freezo
  • "It's the conflict at the heart of Freezo: he's a greedy coward." — Hing
  • "Baston leads you all bravely into the jungle, and as mid-morning becomes noon, and then the afternoon...happens as well...oh, voice of a poet! And then there's some evening for a bit, and once then it comes dark, but that's no good, because you need to keep going, so soon up comes Mister Sun! Hello, Mister Brightside, and you — which is six now, which is a lot — find your way to not trusting Baston to lead you." — Dave's opening intro to the second half, after the players screw around for like twenty minutes after the intermission
  • "I only slapped you! It's your fault for having a soft face!" — Philge blames the victim
  • "We just ended here, as Gary Gygax would've wanted." — Dave sarcastically explains that they've reached the end of the Tomb of Annihilation campaign setting book, which they absolutely have not
  • "If you thought we were just bad at D&D, watch out! We're actually bad at most things." — Alex, in the post episode Q&A, announcing that there will be some episodes featuring the crew playing other games

Table Talk

  • Dave claims that this episode was broadcast live from a pub where the doors are locked and you will die.
  • During the leveling up process, Hing admits that he had been confused about Warlock pact powers and that Freezo shouldn't have been able to take the Beast Speech ability. Dave decides to retcon this such that Freezo never had this power and only thought he could talk to animals.
  • After the intermission Dave reveals that, "because you cretins have done so badly at this campaign", a second season of the Dragon Friends' Tomb Of Annihilation stream would be run.
  • As Dave mentions in his closing speech, this is the last episode featuring Benny Davis as a regular part of the crew for a while, as he flew off to Singapore the following day.
  • The post-episode Q&A session unusually takes place outside — several of the crew were in a park making phone calls in support of a resolution on marriage equality — and features Edan Lacey, Shakeera Khan, Alex Lee, Ben Jenkins and (very briefly) Carlo Ritchie.
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