The Song About The Nails was ad-libbed by Bobby Pancakes for the Bellows Man Cardinal in Because I Hate Myself, Susan.

There's the don'ts and do's,
There's the nails and screws,
There's the things you use
And the things that you don't use.
When you're here, safety's a thing that you have to do.
And so songs we have to know what do.
Because safety is here for me and you.
You know that guy, Jake, who lost an arm
Because he wasn't paying attention and he did himself harm.
Now, here's the core of the song,
You gotta know what nails are right and wrong.
The wrong ones are, the ones on your hand
'Cos they'll get ripped off if you put them in the jam.. ming machine,
And the right ones, they are the ones 
That are made of shards, glass and fun.
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