Now, me no big city doctor...

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Dragon Friends

Non-Player Characters (NPCs)




Themes, tropes and running jokes

  • Dragon Huddle — a very brief huddle is called to debate whether to allow Chesterfield to dress pig-Bobby in a ridiculous outfit before turning him back into a person


  • "Very sportingly, he reminded you that he meant you no harm, gave you some free information, and we start with Philge throwing a javelin in his face." — Dave's intro to the first encounter of the episode
  • "Chesterfield is a family name...and Sofa is also a family name." — Jordan introduces her character
  • "Has anyone noticed that Benny has put on a loop and gone off-stage?" — Simon ruins the illusion
  • "And they called this period...the Ubtao Funk." "They absolutely did not." — Jordan & Dave
  • "I will dispel the polymorph spell on one condition: that I may dress the pig again beforehand so that when I dispel it, the person appears in an outrageous outfit!" — Chesterfield
  • "My buff chest is...disturbed." — Baston asks for healing
  • "A lily pad could hold at most a toddler." — some physicist in the audience
  • "I'm gonna call this an Intelligence check." "Oh, must you?" — Dave & Alex

Table Talk

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