The Great Brisvegas Ute Muster is a meeting of the minds if by minds you mean muscle cars, battleroos and two stubbies per ticketholder with no passouts. The Dragon Friends stand at the foot of the Haystack with a ticket to Freeside burning a hole in their increasingly tattered pockets. Also I guess they have a robot friend now? Everything is fine.


The Dragon Friends are riding towards the Haystack and the Needle from the tribal camp, passing through the outskirts of the city of Brisvegas, when they see a festival site with a large number of vehicles parked together and decide to investigate.They are checked into the festival as members of the Tribe of a Million Kings and sit to relax with the other tribe members over heavily monitored sausage sandwiches while Philge drinks 12 medium beers. This feat impresses Ollie the Slaver, who asks her about "the venting", but when Philge asks what this is, Ollie and two other tribesmen sitting nearby are surprised by this question. Megryan explains that "the venting" occurs when the sewer sluice gates of inner Bris Vegas open, releasing garbage, but also leftover food, medicine, and weapons useful to the tribes. Additionally, vagrants and broke casino customers are falsely told they are being sent to Freeside and then dumped out through the sluice gates - becoming ripe pickings for slavers.

Freezo mentions the possibility of rescuing the slaves and, this being highly suspicious, is challenged to combat by Friendly Pete, a giant tribesman; to defuse the situation, Philge claims that Bobson Dugnutt is her slave, prompting an introduction to Pete's slave Dobson Bugnutt, Bobson's old schoolfriend. Although this calms Pete down, Freezo still accepts and challenges Pete to a race around the town on his Battle-roo (prompting horrified gasps from the audience, since Freezo had previously loaded the roo with C4 and grenades). Freezo offers to time Pete's lap around the town on his roo, waits for Pete to be outside the town gate, then shoots the roo with an Eldritch Spear, blowing Pete and the Battle-roo (and its Joey) to bits and damaging the walls of the town.

At that point the Venting begins, and as the tribespeople run around trying to gather resources, Freezo suggests running towards the crack in the walls while everyone is distracted, but Megryan points out that there is no need to do this as she is friends with one of the watchtower guards, Bad Bitch (who used her to watch/listen to The Nanny). After some discussion, Megryan and Philge throw the newly freed Dobson Bugnutt into the watchtower to speak to the guard. But Bad Bitch does not recognize Dobson, and the Friends realize they did not brief Dobson on the plan before throwing him, so Megryan plays The Nanny theme song on her speakers to calm Bitch down (prompting an audience sing-along). The remaining Friends climb up Dobson's dangling slave chain into the guard post, with the exception of Bobson who cannot make the climb.


Dragon Friends

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Themes, tropes and running jokes


  • "Now remember if he wins this it's very good, because a very bad man is dead, but also when you're cheering remember the kangaroo and its little baby... so I'd like the applause to be somewhat conflicted, if that's possible." - Ben Jenkins
  • "The convoy is.. riding high on a payload of weapons, explosives, vehicles and other gifts granted by an overly permissive Dungeon Master." — Dave throws some shade at the previous episode's substitute DM
  • "I couldn't help but hear your internal monologue."
  • "Is this some sort of post-apocalyptic Splendor In The Grass?" — Ben
  • "Is there a talent show we can audition for?" — Hing alludes to the events of The Audition (1.01)

Table Talk

  • Due to the many thick accents in this episode, Hing asks if they need to subtitle it for the podcast, and everyone points out how that seems to make no sense (although podcast transcription for accessibliity does actually exist).
  • There is in fact a sing-along of the theme song from 'The Nanny'.
  • "So you pay more, and you get more and bigger things. That's generally how commerce works." -- Opening advertisement
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