The Deep Gnomes of the Moptop Clan have been sworn to the Vampire Strahd for one hundred years. The Dragon Friends have to make a choice which they do with predictably disastrous results. Featuring the return of everyone’s favourite good boy Tom Walker.

A note this is one of our most filthy episodes for some reason. There may have been something in the water.


The Dragon Friends interrogate Keeeith, Philge with her foot on his neck, who reveals that he is not Strahd von Zarovich, but works for him. His entire clan has been cursed by Mad Moira to work for Strahd. They see the room, a clockwork marvel with a puppet dressed in vampire finery suspended in the middle, with the Deep Gnome reveals is his latest gift to the vampire. He reveals that Strahd is in the West Wing.

Philge convinces Keeeith to take them to the dungeons. Freezo stays behind to take the clothes from the vampire puppet. Keeeith guides them down, unlocking doors and ignoring old, rusted ones. They eventually reach an old, locked, metal door, that Keeeith doesn't have a key for. Bobby Pancakes tries to pick the lock, but an armored creature falls on him. The Rust Monster begins combat with them. Bobby restrains the monster with his burlap clothes and Philge tries some more magic. They kill the Rust Monster and Bobby collects some of the corrosive fluid in a water skin, which he uses to break the lock on the door.

They see a collection of cells, and in one there is a bundle of rags, out of which they meet Dringo. He tells them that Mad Moira sent him there, and that she works in the kitchen.


Dragon Friends

Non-Player Characters (NPCs)




Themes, tropes and running jokes


  • "Eat cum, door!" - Bobby Pancakes using Rust Monster serum to corrode a lock
  • "Me become what me always hate: Freezo!" — Philge

Table Talk

  • Hing is gone this episode
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