The Tribe of a Million Kings is a primitive tribe that survives on the refuse discarded from Freeside and the Haystack Casino. Members have constructed a shanty town outside the town of Brisvegas and are known to waylay travellers entering the town, and to kidnap those expelled from the Casino as slaves.

It is believed that the Tribe were organizing a more sustained attack upon the Casino at the time the Friends arrived; when Bobby Pancakes attempted to bluff Grundle Cocksplat, a chapter leader in the Tribe, by saying that he was a messenger involved in business to "bring the tribe to glory", Grundle unwittingly revealed that such a plan did exist - before being killed by Philge. When Bobson Dugnutt was later left behind with the Tribe, he organized the tribe into an attack on Freeside. The intended purpose of this attack is unknown but it - possibly unintentionally - had the effect of obstructing the emergency evacuation after activation of the Haywire Cube and resulting in the deaths of everyone on Freeside and all participating tribe members (it is not known if any of the tribe were left behind).

It is later revealed that the original name of the tribe was the Tribe of a Million Hings, after Michael Hing (NPC).

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