Our adventurers escape the hobgoblin camp and try to get to Waterdeep. Freezo lies about being a doctor, Bobby doesn’t want to use his good lock picking set, and Kithercy makes some unconvincing bird noises.


Philge, as hobgoblin Chief Justice, has allowed the trials of the Dragon Friends to continue, and leaves to her inauguration party. She sentences Bobby and Freezo to community service, and they, Kithercy, and Gribbits are locked up for the evening.

Bobby picks the lock and gets them out. Kithercy whistles to try to get some horses, but plays it off as bird noises. The guards are drunk and don't know what is going on, so Kithercy tries to start looking like a bird, and it doesn't work. One of the guards mentions that he always wanted to be a doctor, and the Dragon Friends try to convince him that he still could be. They begin combat, killing James, who wanted to be a doctor. They send Clive off to tell them it's a false alarm.

They collect their gear from Kithercy's wagon, where there is a Hobgoblin sleeping. Freezo intimidates Gribbits into going with them as they escape.

They make their way to Waterdeep. There are giant automatons, Glittermen acting as city watch, outside the normally open city. They tell the Dragon Friends that only humans are permitted to enter the city. Kithercy Gellantara, being a human, leaves the Dragon Friends and enters the city alone.


Dragon Friends

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  • "Philge forget who is baddie, been eat many grapes. Philge sentence Bobby and Freezo to death community service in Hobnob Nursing Home. Signed, Philge the Merciful." - Philge's judgment (note read aloud by Ben Jenkins)
  • "It's a pie-based system of justice!" -- Bobby Pancakes (Simon Greiner)

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  • The Dragon Friends level up in this episode, reaching level 2