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IT’S SEASON THREE! A brand new start for the Dragon Friends in an EXCITING NEW SETTING. Did our heroes escape the Vampire Strahd? (Yes). Are they lost in time and space? (Yes) Will Freezo carry any of the lessons he learned last season with him? (Doubtful). Also, an exciting costume change!


As the vampire Strahd dies, the portal he was attempting to open goes out of control, transporting the Dragon Friends to a strange, sealed, oddly symmetrical chamber - and also losing their equipment, and Philge . After repeated attempts to break down the door via Eldritch Blasts and Flying Kicks causes irritation to a goblin guard, Mr. Sour (who is occasionally referred to as "Mr. Soak") and his bodyguard Mr. Lambert arrive. After a pause to remind Michael Hing that elves eat, Sour informs them that they were found unconscious in an alleyway without identity chips and thus imprisoned in a corporate holding facility indefinitely, but he can arrange their freedom if he helps them with a "job". He also tells them that he has met an orc matching Philge's description, who completed a similar job for him 6 months ago.

The Dragon Friends accept the job in order to follow the lead on Philge, and Mr. Sour has them implanted with identity chips before leading them out of the holding facility via a windowed elevator, revealing that they are in the futuristic district of Chiba, Japan. After a brief visit to a ramen bar run by Grimm Laserback, Baston's aggressive demand for "fancy clothes" has Sour take them to his tailor Grigor while briefing them on their mission: after his previous security team died, they are to protect Johnny Playstation at his concert, as he fears he may be harmed as a result of breaking his contract with Voss-Saito to join Horizon. After Baston asks for a "flair item" to differentiate himself, Mr. Sour gives him a pocket square, and Bobby a kiss. Freezo asks if he can have a gun, and Mr. Sour hands him the gun later to be named Benny Davis (Weapon) and 18 bullets. The Dragon Friends go by car to the stadium (with everyone except Freezo sampling spirits at random from the car's minibar) where they search for Sour's contact, Glitter Gleam. Becoming lost backstage, they are attacked by Briggs and Jacky Boy, two armed men who have snuck backstage; they flee when Freezo shoots Briggs in the head, killing him instantly. Examining his body, it is clear they were Johnny Playstation fans who were trying to meet him before the show in the hopes of getting an autograph, but the commotion attracts the attention of Glitter Gleam.


Dragon Friends

Non-Player Characters (NPCs)


Themes, tropes and running jokes

  • Flying Kicks
  • Season Three's setting is a combination of references to cyberpunk RPG Shadowrun and the seminal cyberpunk novel Neuromancer.
  • Grimm Laserback's ramen bar is a reference to Grimm Saltback, tavern proprietor from the beginning of Season 1. It is mentioned that Laserback plays the theremin in a progressive rock band.


  • "I feel like you are very dangerous person." -- Mr. Sour, regarding Freezo
  • "This was supposed to be a moment. I am like 'Welcome to Chiba!' and you say 'How do you spell that?'" - Mr. Sour
  • "Is like saying 'Hello', and you say 'Hello', and then we put a chip in your head." - Mr. Sour

Table Talk

  • "Point of order, dungeon Dave.. Japan.. is in the real world that Michael Hing lives in.... So is there a chance.. that Freezo is going to meet me?" "We cannot rule it out." (This either inspired or foreshadowed that Freezo did in fact do so in This Boy Fresno)
  • "Someone mark the time.. it is 8:12 of the first Dragon Friends episode and Ben Jenkins has run out of accents again."
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