The primarily goal of this wiki is to document the events of Dragon Friends in an easily-explored format for reference and enjoyment. What follows is a set of guidelines to keep us all on the same page. These are all open to refinement, let me (Heymermaid) know in the comments if there's anything you'd like to see changed!


Informative and upbeat with light editorializing when it's consistent with the tone of the show. Channel Dave and Ben's episode intros, here; the events themselves are generally so absurd that there's no need for additional goofiness. (One exception is the "Themes, tropes and jokes" section which can be a bit looser in tone.) Avoid a hard focus on player mistakes, flubs or continuity errors except in exceptional cases or when they bring it up themselves.


For fictional events, always use present tense except for events that took place before the show. This includes using present tense for deceased characters or destroyed locations. Use normal tense conventions for people and events in the real world.


The wiki is a shared resource. Wiki members are empowered to build out, refine, and even correct each others' entries. If you aren't sure about a change you have in mind, you are welcome to comment or use the talk pages, but you don't usually need to ask for permission. That being said, there is plenty of ground to cover, so use discretion about rewriting existing "pretty good" content from others vs. adding new articles.


In this context, "Is it canon?" means "Does this describe the reality of their universe?" This can be kind of tricky but err on the side of inclusivity. Anything characters interact with in-character is canon. Anything with callbacks is probably canon. Other good indicators include DM assent or multiple players building on a joke. 

For example, the Waterdeep undercity DOES canonically have artisan wee merchants. Davin Tyrrill is NOT canonically Philge's son, but Philge DOES canonically believe he is.


Writing a wiki for a fantasy RPG comedy show is an imprecise science. Let's give each other the benefit of the doubt and not take ourselves too seriously.

Behavior-wise, we may eventually want a Code of Conduct, but for right now let's stick with: "If you behave in a manner that is racist, sexist, homophobic, or discriminatory on the basis of religion or nationality, or act like a bully towards anyone, you will be banned, because that's asinine."

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.